Testimonials from Users and Visitors

Gertie was extremely helpful throughout the entire planning process. Very friendly, knowledgeable about the facility, and prompt in responding to any questions or inquiries. Ken or Gertie were on-site often, and arranging to see the site was quick and easy. The Lifespan Centre is a great facility to hold an event. As a charity organization, we were very happy with the Lifespan Centre and everything they did to assist us in making our event such an amazing success. One improvement the Lifespan Centre could make would be to look into ways of better incorporating recycling into their facility.

– Stephanie Lough-Cambiln

Note: Thanks for the great suggestion, Stephanie; we have taken steps to locate and sign blue-bin recycling facilities more effectively.

The staff were very helpful, flexible and kind, and they put in so much to make sure that our Stag and Doe was a success. They looked out for our plans and hopes for our event, and were very much on our side. The facility was more than we could have asked for, and everyone enjoyed themselves in it. I would definitely have another event at the DCLC, and I thought the price was wonderful. Thank you Gertie, and thanks to Ken also!

– recent clients for a Stag and Doe

The Centre is beautiful, pristine, bright and welcoming. The staff was so accommodating, they felt like family. Its flexibility in room size makes the DCLC the ideal community venue, able to support both intimate and large events. I can’t wait to return!

Rosalee Peppard, Musician

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